ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: The Happy Alright understands and delivers the catharsis of great music

I’m calling it now; The Happy Alright are going to be the next big thing. If you haven’t heard of them already, you should probably go to more shows in your area. This Dallas based pop-punk band created in 2011 consists of Sterling Gavinski (vocals and guitar), Mason Steeger (bass), Johnathan Ballew (guitar), and Chris Haynes (drums).

The Happy Alright features a refreshing and unique sound that seems to be lacking nowadays from the ‘scene.’ Instead of following in the footsteps of established bands, the band pulls inspiration from a variety of genres to create their own distinct sound. While their EP “Vacancies” is only 16 minutes, it’s more than enough to have you hooked. Acoustic versions of their songs “Flower” and “Disclosure” are also available on bandcamp.

Want a taste for yourself? If you missed their recent show with Oklahoma natives Cheap Kites, Rose Gold, and Life Lessons, never fear! You can view The Happy Alright’s full set here.

We got to chat with the band and got to know their dream collaborations and their plans for the rest of the year; check out the q&a + photoshoot below!

Who or what inspired you to pursue music?
Sterling: Green Day was the first band I really got into. I was about 10 when I was first exposed to their music. It just really hit me in a way nothing else had yet and stuck with me. I knew that music was going to be a huge part of my life from then on.
What was your earliest musical memory? 
Mason: one of my earliest musical memories actually also involves Green Day. I remember when they released the video for “Holiday.” Whenever my parents were out of the house, I would go to the garage, lock the dooe and jump around  and listen to it because I was definitely not allowed to listen to Green Day.
How would you describe your music without naming a genre?
Sterling: Bittersweet, definitely. There’s an optimism to the music but at the same time a sense of nostalgia and cynicism. I hope that comes across and allows people to kind of take away their own version of what the songs mean.
What is your favorite song you’ve released so far?
Mason: “Disclosure.” It’s fun to play live.
Sterling: For me, it’s definitely “Disclosure” too. That song means a lot to me and it’s very rewarding playing it and seeing people sing along or relate to it in their own way. But my new favorite is a song we haven’t released yet.
If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be, and type of song would you record together?
Sterling: Chance The Rapper. That would be really cool. He’s a very inspring and innovative guy who clearly has a lot of great ideas.
Mason: Patrick Stump or Brendon Urie. Both of them are ridiculously good songwriters and they’re pretty much the reason I listen to the music I do today. Or Kendrick.
What’s your favorite part of performing live? Do you have a favorite memory?
Mason: I love the adrenaline rush and how when I play I just get caught up in what I’m doing and the nervousness and anticipation from waiting to get on stage just kind of disappears.
Sterling: I love the catharsis of performing and going to shows. Being on either side is a spiritual experience for sure and it’s really cool watching both of those separate experiences come together in a way that’s totally unique to live music.
Do you have any plans for the remainder of the year?
Sterling: We’re just gearing up to put out some new music. We’re in the final stages and putting those final pieces together. Definitely very excited to show everyone all of the cool things we’ve been working on.


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