Artist Spotlight: The Ivy are pure Gold

With November’s arrival and temperatures dropping across the States – we’re sure we’re not alone in missing those summer-time vibes. But don’t worry, indie synth-pop Oklahoma natives in THE IVY are here to bring the summer to you, regardless of the time of year!

For those who have yet to be introduced, The Ivy consists of Wyatt Clem (vocals and guitar), Shawn Abhari (keyboard) and Zack Siddiqui (drums). The three-piece released their latest EP earlier this year, 20 minutes of pure, dreamy-summery-sweet tracks that are guaranteed to warm your heart.

Their latest track, “Gold” has over 500,000 plays on Spotify and counting. If this band wasn’t already on your radar, consider them your new best friends. Because after all (shoutout to their clever catchphrase): ivy spreads.

We got to chat with The Ivy about the music they’re currently into and their plans for the rest of the year. Ready for the best description of a band’s music without signifying any genres? Keep reading and be sure to check out everything the guys had to say below:


Who or what inspired you to pursue music?
Wyatt: Since I was very young I’ve been inspired by watching people in music videos playing huge concerts and I always thought, “that’s gonna be me someday.” There’s just something inside me that’s always been drawn to that. Also it really helped that my dad was always very supportive and encouraged me to learn to play guitar when I was about 13. Ever since then I’ve been super inspired to continue learning and writing my own music.
Shawn: I’ve pretty much played music my whole life. I started piano at 5 and along the way was in school marching/jazz bands, rock bands, choirs, and orchestras. So, I guess my parents for pushing me to play instruments.
How would you describe your music to someone without naming a genre?
Wyatt: It’s like driving on an empty highway in 1985 right as the sun is going down. You’re reflecting on a better time in your life as you compare your youth to the disappearing sun and drive until it comes up again. But then a cop pulls you over, but decides not to give you a ticket because he loves the band playing on your radio. We are that band.
Shawn: Haha, that pretty much sums is up!
What is your favorite song you’ve released so far?
Wyatt: My favorite has been “Gold” for sure. It’s my favorite subject matter and overall vibe so far.
Shawn: I agree, Gold is a surefire one, though Bolder Feelings is a close second in my opinion.
What music / artists are you currently listening to?
Wyatt: I listen to a LOT of Coin and Hippo Campus right now. I’ve also been obsessed with Daniel Caesar’s new music recently. Oh and Billie Eilish for sure.
Shawn: I’ve been on a recent Death Cab kick again along with Francis & The Lights.
Do you have any goals for the remainder of the year?
We want to put out a couple more singles and continue writing for our next ep! Also we want to kill these next few shows we have in the upcoming months.
 You can also check out our gallery of The Ivy: 

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    November 19, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    I love this! Thanks for helping me discover them

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