MAE’s first full length album in a decade, “Multisensory Aesthetic Experience”, released!

MAE is an American rock band that formed back in 2001. In the 17 years that Mae has been a band, they have released music on their own and have also been signed to established record labels. After a hiatus, they have resigned to Tooth & Nail Records and have released their first full-length album in nearly a decade, Multisensory Aesthetic Experience.


The vision for this self-titled album began when Mae played at the Forbes 30 under 30 EMEA Summit in 2016. They performed that evening with the first ever large-scale live musical performance, synced to virtual reality. They then performed this show at the 72nd UN General Assembly and the Future of StoryTelling Festival.

The album does in fact give the listener a multisensory aesthetic experience. The songs dip and crescendo, giving the listener an expansive and transcendent experience. “5 Light Years”, “Let It Die”, and “The Overview” were the first singles released and the band also released an EP called 3.0 that gave their fans a first glimpse into their self-titled album.

“Our Love is a Painted Picture” and “Sing” showcases Dave Elkins’, the lead vocalist, stunning vocals and is unlike anything that I have heard in recent years. The listener is able to feel like they are surrounded by the music, which is exactly the type of experience that the band wants the listener to feel.

mae album art

Cover artwork by: Melissa McCracken

Although this album does give off the vibe and experience that is the namesake of the band, the tour that they have just concluded utilized virtual reality to bring the fans through an experience like no other. The audience was brought through a journey that truly embodied what the band has always stood for and have been trying to accomplish. They plan to bring this experience to all future tours from this album cycle.

I truly enjoyed this album and the experience that I got just from me sitting in my room. I cannot wait until their next tour, so I can get the full experience that is the “Multisensory Aesthetic Experience”.

Be sure to check the album out on Spotify and follow them on all of their social media.





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