Reunited Smashing Pumpkins release first single “Solara”

Today is truly the greatest day I’ve ever known! After so many years I never thought I would hear the words “The Smashing Pumpkins are touring”. Though they’ve been back together for almost 12 years;  it’s never quite the same as wanting to see the original lineup. And now, here we are and with 3 out of the 4 of the original lineup. (Bonus points for bringing back the sisters from the Siamese Dream album cover). After the feud with Darcy I would have been just as happy with Melissa Auf Der Maur or Paz Lenchantin returning as their bassist.

With the release of their newest single Solara, the Pumpkins have managed to  keep their established sound without feeling recycled.

 It’s never easy to pick a favorite song or favorite album by this group. Then there’s the numerous side projects, lineup changes, and solo projects that all add to my All Things Pumpkins playlist. If you get really creative; it is easily a 3 degree of separation or could best be described as a spider web effect. Billy polled the fans to choose what songs should be included on the reunion tour set list. You can find the complete  33 song setlist he teased on his instagram earlier this year.

We see what you did there Billy.

Share with us what songs you’d include on your dream Smashing Pumpkins playlist?

You can purchase tickets to catch them on tour now and see if any changes were made to the teased list!


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