Steve Aoki brings his Kolony to the Bay!

How better to spend a Saturday night in San Francisco than with EDM/DJ/Producer superstar Steve Aoki who brought his Kolony Tour to the Bay, the third to last of his North American tour. Concert-goers queued the streets in plenty of neon and creative light-up attire, counting down the minutes until the celebration of Aoki’s Kolony album came to life.

Kolony, the album dropped last summer via Liberator Music and is Aoki’s fourth studio album. Meshing together Steve’s unique electronic style with hip-hop and rap artists, when the Kolony tour was announced, there was no surprise to see such an impressive line-up to support him on tour. Included for the evening was Bad Royale, Grandtheft and Desiigner, who used his time on stage to engage with the packed Bill Graham Auditorium venue, raising the energy levels to exceed any expectations. Desiigner ended his set with his two biggest hits: Timmy Turner and the Kanye West version of his hit single, Panda where he gave his all up on stage, even stage-diving into the crowd, his kinetic energy filling the room from wall-to-wall.

As the stage changed from Desiigner’s to Aoki’s set up, a calm washed over the room, the excitement and eagerness for Steve Aoki’s arrival a palpable sheet blanketing over those filling the Auditorium. It took no more than seconds as the lights flickered for fans to spring away, the crowd beyond hyper with Steve’s presence. Witnessing the connection between Steve and his fans – the insane energy a symbiotic relationship between artist and those there to enjoy Steve’s trade.

Highlights for the evening, which lasted well into the two-hour mark, included Aoki bringing Desiigner back on stage to perform BTS’ Mic Drop as well as bringing the party to the stage with confetti cannons, champagne bursting on stage and teasing the crowd with Aoki’s famous “Cake Me” signs.

Aoki’s performance seemed effortless as the artist showed why he is one of the biggest names of the genre. Where others may fall short, seemingly bored or in their own realm while on stage, Aoki performed with ear-to-ear smiles, constantly engaging, instilling his radiant energy throughout the evening on everyone in attendance, extending the experience (and frosting) to his adoring fans to create one unforgettable evening.

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