The Wrecks + New Politics bring Lost In Translation to the Bay Area

As the already-highly-saturated music industry progresses, it’s a rare and refreshing feat to discover a band as talented, passionate and driven as The Wrecks who have been at the game for several years, though it was in 2016 that they debuted their first single “Favorite Liar” (which has since collected nearly 10mil streams on Spotify alone) and snuck into a studio to record their debut EP “We Are The Wrecks” in just three short days — talk about ambition!

Just a few weeks after wrapping up on their headlining Robot Army Tour last fall, The Wrecks are back on the road this time with Dreamers and New Politics for New PoliticsLost In Translation. Despite The Wrecks being the first band on the bill — eager fans still wrapped the city streets in San Francisco, ensuring their early arrival to catch the highly-energetic band whose aggressive twist on garage rock takes us back to acts like The Hives or The Strokes, with the same infectious ability to get anyone to jump up and sing, dance and scream along.

From the very second The Wrecks took the stage, the 5-piece band who currently calls Los Angeles home, make it evident that they’re here to have a good time. Their chemistry as a band is unreal, the five of them sharing the same warm smile as they extend their positive vibes to the crowd, awaking them with their track “Wasted Youth” to begin the evening, immediately followed by, “I Don’t Like You,” which left not a single person stationary as The Fillmore became a ballroom for fans to jump around and dance along with lead singer, Nick Anderson, who not only showed us his best hip-shaking dance moves, but also dedicated a lot of their performance to engaging with the crowd, firing them up for the two other bands of the evening.

Their setlist comprised of a blend of tracks from their debut EP and ones off their just-released, Panic Vertigo including fan favorite, “James Dean,” which has a sense of rawness and heavy bass that absolutely kills it live. It’s electric, catchy, witty and the band does an amazing job at getting the crowd to sing along, even if they’ve never heard the track before in their life.

The Wrecks’ full setlist can be found below, and be sure to check them out by visiting

Second to hit the stage was Dreamers who played a psychedelic set, complete with dreamcatchers affixed to their microphone stands. Painted in vibrant reds and greens, the band showed why AP named them as one of their “100 Bands You Need To Know” in just their first year back in 2014. The band performed on stage as though they’ve been doing this for several life times — their cool, calm, collected energy flowing through the venue, but it wasn’t enough to subdue the excitement from fans for both their performance and the headliners of the evening.

New Politics took the stage in a flash of strobe lights, their beautiful floral Lost In Translation background a lovely contrast to the three-piece band who broke immediately into “Istanbul” off their latest album. Their energy spread like wildfire to the eager fans, as frontman David Boyd sang and danced along, getting intimate to talk about his newborn daughter, dedicating tracks to her, as well as to the crowd as the band thanked everyone in attendance for their support.

While early March was already mid-way through their tour, you would never believe it with the performances all three bands gave. New Politics played a set of twenty tracks, a blend from all four of their albums. Lighting up will all sorts of bright colors ranging from yellow to purple, giving explosive and incredible renditions of popular tracks, including their singles “One Of Us” off Lost In Translation and “Color Green” which they shared the story behind the song with us — a realization of colorblindness, which drummer Louis Vecchio’s childhood friend Greg suffers from, which is elaborated in their extremely personal and beautiful music video for the track here.

Their enthusiasm was showcased all throughout the night, with Boyd jumping from one side of the stage to the next, and even on top of Vecchio’s kick drum to do backflips on stage, or guitarist Søren Hansen throwing his guitar high up into the venue and successfully catching it… New Politics put on a show that reminds us why we all love music in the first place — one that allows us to immerse ourselves in the experience and have little to no worries for the three or so hours.

Be sure to check out New Politics and their latest album, as well as catching them on the remainder of the tour! Info and dates can be found below after our photos from the evening.





Wasted Youth
I Don’t Like You
Panic Vertigo
Way With Words
James Dean
Turn It Up
Favorite Liar



Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens)
Love Is A Drug
15 Dreams
Girl Crush

Color Green
50 Feet Tall
Tonight You’re Perfect
West End Kids
One Of Us


Give Me Hope
Yeah Yeah Yeah




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