Watch the official trailer for Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s bestseller, Ready Player One is gearing up for release on the silver screen. Coming from none other than the talented Steven Spielberg, this science fiction action-packed adventure follows Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan) in 2045, in a world on the brink of collapse and chaos. The only salvation many turn to is the OASIS, the virtual reality escape created by James Halliday (played by Mark Rylance). With Halliday’s passing, he leaves his immense fortune and the ownership of the OASIS to the first person to find a digital Easter egg within the virtual reality universe.

For those who have not read the book – there’s still time! The movie is set to release March 30th, 2018 through Warner Bros Entertainment. Or, if you choose not to read it (but really, just pick up a copy or there’s even an audiobook format), the movie will prove to be enjoyable for those familiar or unfamiliar with how the story plays out. Check out the official first trailer below and be sure to check out the official website,


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